General Terms of Contract from privat rental Hilde  Kalveram, Wiener Str. 7, 60599 Frankfurt am Main         1) Offers: All offers of the privat rental Kalveram are non-binding without engagement unless these are expressly described as binding. 2.) Reservations, conclusion of contract The reservations occur by telephone, in written request by fax, mail or letter. The contract is concluded if the apartments are ordered and are promised. The reservation is valid if the confirmation comes from the privat rental Kalveram. If no written assent has occurred for time reasons, the contract is concluded with supply of the apartment for the guest. If there is a discrepancy between the order and the confirmation it becomes contracted based on the confirmation if the guest didn’t contradict in a written way within 10 days after receipt of confirmation. With it the guest also accepts the general terms of contract of the privat rental Kalveram. If an option is put away for the guest for the lengthening, this can be granted only, if at least 10 days before the reservation end, or on inquiry of the privat rental Kalveram which is informed lengthening in writing. If the privat rental Kalveram does not receive within 2 days an answer to the inquiry, the apartment is released for other renting. 3.) Apartment use, arrival and departure: The apartments serve for sleeping and preparation of small meals. The deep-fry from dishes is prohibited in the apartments. It is forbidden to mount a picture or something else to the walls, cabinets, doors, windows etc. of the apartments. Also a change of the television-technical facilities of the privat rental Kalveram by the guest. Sublease and industrial use is also strictly forbidden. To transfer the title of the contract needs the written acceptance from the privat rental Kalveram.  Also the change number of persons in the apartment. Smoking is not allowed all over the house and in the apartments. Therefore the guest can use the terrace, balcony or garden. Arriving time is between 5 and 7 o´clock p.m. Another time has to be agreed with the privat rental Kalveram. Should a late arrival (after 7 o'clock pm) take place for reasons of which does not have to represent the privat rental Kalveram, this is connected with extra costs. Latest departure is 11 o'clock am.  Another time has to be agreed with the privat rental Kalveram. If there will be an unconfirmed delay in departure the guest has to pay - till 1 o´clock pm 50 % of the apartment price- till 4 o´clock pm 100 % of the apartment price         4.) Services, prices: The guest shall have no right to use a special apartment. If agreed premises are not available the privat rental Kalveram is authorised and obligated to find an equal alternate in the same or another house.The guest is responsible to clean the apartment. The necessary equipment will be provided by the privat rental Kalveram. The apartment should be left well-swept. For an exceptionally originating final cleaning the privat rental Kalveram calculates on this time 28,00 € / per hour or part thereof to the guest. The prices for the relevant services are based on the privat rental Kalveram price list at the time of the contracting. Is the time limit exceeded by 4 month between contracting and services the privat rental Kalveram reserve the right to change the price one sided and without prior notice as long as the changing is factually justified and in individual cases suitable.Prices do not included local taxes, charges i.e. tourist tax, additional culture fee and similar more. The guest has the called deliveries in addition to pay. 5.) Payment terms: The price of the privat rental Kalveram has to be paid cash on the arrival day. Bank transfer can be accepted only as prepayment. The total value has to be booked to privat rental Kalveram account before the day of arriving. After occurred payment entrance the guest receives a receipt without expulsion of the value added tax. If a third parties has ordered for the guest, he liable together with the guest as a joint debtor for all contractual obligations. It reserves itself the privat rental Kalveram to require a security any time from every guest and groups. The security height can be fixed by the privat rental Kalveram individually and varies according to apartment. The security is to be deposited with the arrival or by request, also during the stay, in cash. The security is refunded at the earliest after the departure, provisory of a return free of damage of the apartment, to the guest by banktransfer.A reimbursement for not used services is excluded. If due date is exceeded guest has to pay interest bearing calculated on the account receivable by legal interest for delay at the time of default, respectively the interest bearing calculated on the interest paid on overdraft actually accrued at the bank. A collection fee of  on this time 10,00 € shall be payable for each reminder issued. 6.) Resignation of the guest (cancellation, reductions, early departure) Reservations made by the guest are binding for the guest and the privat rental Kalveram. Cancellation or advance departure has to be declared in a written form (fax, e-mail or letter). It is accepted by the privat rental Kalveramm only with written confirmation. It based on the arrival date if the cancellation was accurately timed. If no cancellation was done or wasn’t in time the guest has to pay the total value of the contract also if merit wasn’t engaged.If there is a date agreed between guest and privat rental Kalveram to cancel without any charge, guest is allowed to cancel till this date without any kind of damage or pecuniary claim. The right of withdrawal expires immediately after the agreed date.         If the guest makes a cancellation or reduction, he or she must pay the following cancellation charges:          a) No cancellation charge if written notification of cancellation or reduction is received by the privat rental Kalveram (21th day included)              21 or more days before the start of service.          b) Cancellation charge amounting to 50% of the value of the services ordered if written notification of cancellation or reduction is received by              the privat rental Kalveram between 20 and 15 days before the start of service.          c) Cancellation charge amounting to 70% of the value of the services ordered if written notification of cancellation or reduction is received by              the privat rental Kalveram between 14 and 8 days before the start of service.          d) Cancellation charge amounting to 90% of the value of the services ordered if writtennotification of cancellation or reduction is received by              the privat rental Kalveram less than 8 days before the start of service. By a cancellation the privat rental Kalveram will try to award the ordered achievements otherwise. Should   this be possible, for the guest no costs result. 7.) Resignation / cancellation of the guest house: The contract partner fails to meet an obligation, privat rental Kalveram is authorized to withdraw from contract. In case of force majeure like fire, storm, strike and so on, or other reasons of decrease without privat rental Kalveram responsibility, privat rental Kalveram is authorized  to withdraw from contract. In this case there is no guest due for requirement, as well especially not for damage compensation.The privat rental Kalveram is further more authorized to cancel the contract if inquiries from other guest for the contracted apartments are available and the guest when asked by privat rental Kalveram not waive on his right to withdrawal in a written form. Dissolution of contract by the privat rental Kalveram shall not constitute a ground for claims by the guest to damages or other compensation. Any right of privat rental Kalveram to restitution  of any damages it incurs and of the expenditures it has made remain unaffected in the event of rightful cancellation of contract. 8.) Acceptance of the house order The house order lay out in the respective apartment (guest information) and is to be followed. 9.) Liability, introduced objects, admission The guest is in bond to declare perceivable defects at least on day of departure to the privat rental Kalveram. For brought along objects the guest has to take care for an appropriate insurance by his own. The privat rental Kalveram is not liable for lost or damaged objects. Failure or defects on the allocated facilities and merits will be solved by privat rental Kalveram immediately. A reduction or decrease of the agreed payment is insofar excluded. Guest is liable for damage, losing of equipment, facilities and keys of privat rental Kalveram without a proof of default by privat rental Kalveram. It will be the same for co-workers or assistant.This is valid also for employee and assistants of the guest. Items left behind by the guest shell only forwarded at the request, risk and expense of the guest. The unchecked admission to the apartments is to be guaranteed any time. 10.) Place of performance and payment, place of jurisdiction, side agreements, partial invalidity Place of performance and payment for both parties is the place of the relevant privat rental Kalveram operation. German law shall be applicable. Place of jurisdiction is the place of the respective privat rental Kalveramm. Should any provisions of contract, including these General Terms of contract, be ineffective, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The parties shall replace such ineffective provisions forthwith by an effective provision that approaches as closely as possible the purpose sought and its financial significance. The same applies if the contract should contain omissions. Frankfurt, 01 th  august  2018
Privatvermietung Kalveram
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