Langener Schlafstub: In our house in Langen we have eight apartments in different dimensions. All apartments have own kitchen or kitchenette for self catering and a own shower with toilet. TV and Wireless internet access (extra fee) also exists and can be used by the guest. A child cot and a high chair exist in the house and are available to you after arrangement. You have either a balcony, conservatory or seat possibilities in the garden. A barbeque is also exists. Shops are located within approximately 600 meters. The private parking spaces are in front of the house. A washing machine and dryer are available in the house and can be used for a fee. For more information please click on the desired apartment. Surrounding area and tourist attraction: Langen lies in the circle Offenbach, in the conurbation of the Rhine Main area, one of the economically strongest areas of Germany. The town lies centrally between the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt and favourably located in the triangle of the universities of Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Mainz. Together with towns as for example Cracow, Mainz and Prague the 50th degree of latitude is in long and is marked by a stone, near the Asklepios clinic. Langen is drained by Sterzbach to have its source from the Paddelteich. They are by the car in approx. 3 min. on the A661 in Richtung Offenbach, Frankfurt / Egelsbach,  15 min. on the A5 Richtung Frankfurt / Basel,  8 min. to the Trainstation Langen,  15 min. to the Airport Frankfurt, 10 min. to the air traffic control Langen. Tourist attraction: Water Park Langen Indoor bath Langen Langenlake City church Langen Stumpfer Turm Langen Burg Hayn in Dreieichenhain Fossils- and local history Museum Messel , Darmstadt Zeppelin-Museum Zeppelinheim (Neu-Isenburg) Railway Museum Darmstadt-Kranichstein,  Darmstadt Huntinglodge Kranichstein , Darmstadt-Kranichstein  
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